Friday, December 14, 2007

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a money-saving addition to a room: using the fan during both winter and summer can lower your heating and cooling costs, and a ceiling fan that also has a light fixture means that you will more than likely not need to purchase additional light fixtures for that room.

We have had ceiling fans in nearly every room in both of the homes we have purchased. (We've only ever owned one home at a time.) In the first home we purchased, almost all of the fans needed to be replaced, and we found nice Hunter fans on clearance. They served us well, being both attractive and functional.

Our current home had no ceiling fan or light fixture in the living room, which we found rather odd. We ended up purchasing two nice standing floor lamps for $10 apiece, and they have solved our lighting problems. We still have not installed a ceiling fan, and we really need to do that. No-name or Casablanca fans, it really doesn't matter to me what brand we buy. I just want a decent and sturdy fan at a cheap price.

How often do you use your ceiling fans?


Karen_thrifty said...

My hubby keeps the ceiling fan on in our bedroom. I had to turn the fan off in the living room this morning. It's finally cooling off some here today. Quite a weird warm spell we had this week. I like the Hunter fans too! My hubby put the one up in our living room last year and we were impressed with the quality of the fan. said...

We like to reverse our fans during the winter to help push the warm air down. It really helps.

I was hot last night and would have liked to have turned on the fan in our room, but Mr. Incredible was comfortable, so I didn't bother. :)

P.S. Look! I posted using my OpenID. Tutorial coming soon at RS Designs. :)